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Hard Day's Night Parties Pay Tribute to George Harrison

Воскресенье, 13 февраля 2005
by Theodor

Already known as "Moscow Cavern" for hosting the weekly "Hard Day's Night Parties", the downtown located cafe "Sabs" became also a recording studio last Sunday. On February 13th, the musicians and visitors of the said HDNPs went into the so-familiar building to record some Beatles material, have fun and remember the "good ole days". They chose two songs by George Harrison, "I Need You" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", to practice their studio skills, in view of the "quiet Beatle"'s upcoming birthday.

Participating were Andrey "fab", the organizer of HDNPs, who assumed the role of executive producer and supervisor, the Triangle bass-player Evgeny Glukhov acted as chief engineer at the sound board (he also contributed the bass line for "I Need You" and vocals for "WMGGW"), and Andrey Gerke (Triangle drummer) as studio engineer. Celebrity musicians included BassPaul (bass and vocals on "While My Guitar Gengly Weeps"), Theodor (Triangle lead-guitarist and singer), Tony Bassov (lead guitar and vocals) and Synthezzis on drums. Among the regular visitors who turned out musicians that day were Ninok playing rhythm on her Rickenbacker guitar, Uncle Mad (harmonica and lead vocals on "WMGGW") and Olga Palna (vocals on "I Need You"). There were also a couple of new talents – the classical educated keyboardist Katya and Dima "Broox" on acoustic guitar, singing thoroughly believable Presley-like vocals.

The "Session for George" was shot on video by Sergey Volandtsov and photographed by other happy witnesses of the ongoing miracle, among them such heavy HDNP goers as SunnyDreamer, Lena Me Mine, HDNP web-site designer Irene McBeatle and some surprised staff of the "Sabs" cafe.

The audio/video tapes of "I Need You" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" are currently at the processing stage and due for release by the end of February. The latter song features an exciting double lead played by guitarists Theodor and Tony Bassov, thus paying tribute to Eric Clapton, George Harrison's close friend.

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